An influencer is a well-known face on social media platforms having substantial followers/subscribers (from 25000 to upto 5 Millions) on their social handles. The social media users follow them for their organic content which they upload from their social handles.

Influencer marketing is an emerging digital marketing strategy in which brands collaborate with these influencers in order to get their products and services reach millions of social media users organically.

Influencer marketing provides brands with organic reach through influencers in their target market segment.

Influencer marketing, unlike any other form of digital marketing, is an organic way of reaching out to target customers through influencers. The products/services are recommended by influencers by creating content (photos/videos) among their follower base. Imagine getting a product recommendation from a person who you trust rather than traditional digital advertisements and popups.

mFluencer is a full-fledged influencer agency with a network of over 30,000+ digital influencers in 100+ cities across India. These influencers are present on major social media networks including Instagram, Youtube, Facebook and Twitter. mFluencer helps enterprises and brands in organic promotion of their products and services across social media through our influencers.

mFluencer unlike others, has the core focus and expertise in executing influencer driven marketing campaigns for brands across all major platforms. mFluencer has expertise in successfully launching mass influencer campaigns (we have collaborated and launched campaigns with upto 1000 influencers in one go). Usually it’s easy for a brand to launch an influencer campaign with 1 or 2 influencers but the task gets difficult when you want to collaborate with influencers in bulk for your marketing campaign. This is usually because each influencer has a different set of target audience, they charge differently for each type of campaign and usually brands need to invest in trials with a lot of influencers before getting it right.

mFluencer has helped major brands across different sectors to launch hassle-free influencer campaigns in a short period of time. Our onboarded network of influencers, makes it easy for the brand to select the right influencers in bulk for their product/service promotions. Additionally, brands also get qualified influencers as mFluencer does a social background check on each influencer including their organic reach, content practices and the engagement they get on their social media posts.

We have successfully executed influencer campaigns for major B2C brands including startups across all sectors.

Based on our experience of providing mass influencer campaigns, we have a 4 step process to get the campaign live for our clients –

a) Selecting the campaign type and budget :
The first thing is to make a content strategy which resonates with the marketing goals of the brand. mFluencer provides brands with the options of different content and post types (like lead generation posts, brand awareness posts, offer promotion posts, product review posts etc.) to choose from. Brands can start with any of the three primary packages offered by mFluencer (25 influencers, 100 influencers, 500 influencers) which suits their budget.

b) Selecting the target customer profile :
Next the brand needs to provide their ideal target customer profile (the end-users which the brand needs to reach out). Major criteria includes target cities (Metro cities/Tier-1/2/3 cities/ Single cities), and target age group for the brand.

c) Selecting the influencers for the campaign :
Based on the target customer profile of the brand, we provide you with the list of shortlisted influencers who have substantial reach and followers in the TG. Along with this brands also get other details about the influencers like their follower base, engagement rate, location etc.

d) Providing branding guidelines and getting the campaign live :
Once the influencer group is finalized, the last step is to provide the influencers with content guidelines (pointers about the product/service which needs to be promoted, brand logo etc.) and the campaign timeline on which the campaign will go live. Once this step is completed, the influencers start creating content and sends it for approval by the brand before getting it live from their social handles.

There are multiple ways in which the brands can redirect the audience on influencer posts to their product and services. Influencers can include the call to action links in their posts as swipe-up link, description link etc.

Brands can provide a unique tracking link which redirects to their landing page in order to assess the leads/sales generated by each influencer posts.

mFluencer provides a live dashboard to the brands in which they get the live updates and links to posts done by the influencers. Also, we provide a detailed campaign report for each influencer post which includes details like – how many people viewed the posts, post reach, engagement on the posts, number of comments/likes/queries on the posts etc. All these reports are submitted to the brand after 7 days on live date.

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