Creative Social Strategies

We specialise in delivering award-winning creative strategies for influencer marketing campaigns, which are fully-optimised to achieve our clients’ specific business goals.

Guaranteed Influencer Marketing ROI

Whether this goal is to generate awareness of a new product, change consumer perceptions of a brand, or drive a target audience to visit a website, download an app, or make a purchase, we combine our own historical campaign data with current audience, creator, and content insights – drawn directly from the major social networks – and wider industry trends, to identify a creative content strategy that will deliver our clients a guaranteed return on investment.

mFluencer Data

At mFluencer, we offer some of the most advanced campaign analysis possible. Through our approach, we scrutinise every campaign metric available, but also look beyond social. We analyse audience wants, needs, and preferences and the wider impact of campaign content.

We receive first party data from creators, combined with data from official APIs to measure the impact of our campaigns and power our creator recommendations.

Strategies Based on Data

By analysing a wide set of brand and creator data – including posts, comments, and imagery – we can build an understanding of the psychological needs, desires, and drivers of creators, their audience, and our client’s brands.

Post-campaign analysis allows us to refine creator recommendations, matching those brands and creators who have a similar audience type, and adjust our campaign’s creative approach to one that will appeal to this audience.


mFluencer offers brands and agencies full data transparency around their influencer marketing campaigns, achieved through real-time campaign data and insights, dynamic creator tracking, approval functionality and proof of success.



A seamless creator approval process based on achieving clients’ key success metrics, as well as creators’ historic campaign performance and previous content.



mFluencer’s content approval process has been developed to ensure the maximum in brand safety. Content goes through a rigorous, multiple step vetting process, with final sign off from key stakeholders.




We provide a 360 understanding of the content that is being produced and shared, while dynamic creator tracking shows how each individual creator is performing, including real-time metrics such as reach, video views, engagement and impact rate, providing brands and agencies with a full understanding of the campaign value.

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