YouTube Influencer Marketing

YouTube is rapidly becoming one of the most popular influencer marketing channels. With recent improvements in internet speeds, video is now an expected part of most people’s online experiences. While you will find videos on most social networks now, and Instagram has even created a competing long-form video platform – IGTV, YouTube is still the de facto place for people to come to get their video fix. 

YouTube is an excellent place for influencer marketing. It includes many popular channels and is more established than most social media sites. It also has a formal advertising setup, meaning that marketers can build campaigns in multiple ways.

Although you will find people of all types and ages watching YouTube, it has a special place in the hearts of Millennials and Generation Z youngsters. Indeed many of them watch YouTube channels more than they do traditional television channels. 

Types of YouTube Influencer Marketing Campaigns

Introductory Campaigns

These are campaigns designed to introduce a new product to the marketplace, or at least the intended audience. An example of the latter type would be promotions at the start of the university year targeting first-year students. The product may not be brand new – but it will be the first time that the product will have been pitched to those particular students.

You are going to want your influencers to create eye-catching, exciting videos that incorporate your product in some way. Video reviews can make an excellent way to introduce your product. Likewise, any videos where the hosts use (or wear) your product can be beneficial. If you make a food item, you could pay influencers to cook a recipe using your product as an ingredient.

Maintenance Campaigns

Brands often carry out maintenance campaigns regularly. These campaigns are primarily designed to keep a product in people’s memory. Many long-established brands undertake maintenance campaigns – as much to maintain brand awareness as to generate new sales. 

Educational videos about your product often fit into this category. You could work with an influencer to make some How-To videos, showing new uses for your product, or how people can get the most out of their purchase. Remember to focus on benefits, not features, however. The video watchers are interested in how it can help them and improve their lives.

Integrated Videos

Branding campaigns feature videos about a specific brand or product. The influencers talks about a general topic and integrated your product or brand in a subtle way. We make sure that these campaigns don’t become too commercial; otherwise, cynical viewers can quickly turn off and query the channels’ authenticity. As the most people don’t choose to watch commercials, and there can be a fine line between an influencer-made branding video and a paid ad. Integrated Branding videos are more popular these days to create a brand awareness among your target audiences. 

Dedicated Videos

Unlike integrated videos brands can opt for this type of campaign where the influencer talk dedicatedly about your brand or product for the entire duration.

Educational videos, product review, un-boxing videos, haul videos, etc. are a few examples of a Dedicated Branding Campaign. Viewers often watch such videos before buying any product and make a decision accordingly.